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Eddie Rider Designs's profile


Color, Texture, Scale and of course comfort are hallmarks of excellent design and making comfortable spaces is what Eddie is known for.

About Us:

Based in Raleigh, NC Eddie Rider Designs provides Interior design services in Raleigh, Wilmington and along the east coast. From Turn-Key design and furnishing to Pre-Construction planning and material selections, we're North Carolina's premiere interior design firm.

Waterway Retreat

Raleigh, NC
5615 Views 207 Votes

This is a house/project I recently finished in Wilmington, NC. The challenge was the ICW view facing out of the front of the house v/s the back. There is a pier and deck across the street for additi


Raleigh, NC
8738 Views 281 Votes

This was my first pool project for a client in NC. The area has mulit-levels and lots of sitting areas. We had do dig into a back hill for the pool house and deal with monster trees!!!. There are coup