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We specialize in a plethora of landscaping tasks, including installation of water features, stone work, irrigation systems, and much more. Whether there is a minor maintenance project need or entire terrace reconstruction request, there is never a job that is too big or too small. We take great pride in the successful completion of every project, all the while helping you escape, while we create!

About Us:

Garden Escapes is dedicated to providing creative and quality landscaping services for homes and businesses alike. Perfection and dedication to customer satisfaction are two aspects that we hold in the highest regard. Through hard work and positive efforts, we can truly say that we transform some of the most arduous and impossible projects into true masterpieces. Homeowners not only get a sense of immediate gratification upon completion of our projects, but also a feeling of elation knowing that they will be able to enjoy the product for years.

Front yard Waterfeature!

San Luis
Obispo, CA
9027 Views 272 Votes

This is the front yard of a house that was changed from just an empty space to a multi-level waterfeature with two pumps and many Japanese Maples and other plants in the surrounding area.

Backyard Stream

San Luis
Obispo, CA
11975 Views 280 Votes

This yard was changed from a blank backyard to a little oasis with a 60\' long stream flowing into a pond along the back deck. Plants bloom all year long. The property backs up to an Oak Reserve